Effective Executive

The Effective Executive Coaching Series for Executives

The Alternative Board of Nashville has designed a unique executive coaching program built upon the timeless and seminal work of Peter Drucker’s Effective Executive Film Series, and the books The Effective Executive and The Effective Executive in Action.  This film series introduces the five management best practices developed by the founder of the practice of management, Peter Drucker.  Activities and discussions from the film will be supplemented by reading and exercises taken from the two books and other management concepts developed by Drucker.

The coaching program is designed for any executive at all organizational levels and experience that can profit from exposure and training in these key practices.  The program can be tailored to allocate more time to any specific area where the executive needs more coaching or practice.

The Effective Executive Film Series for Key Executives

Designed exclusively for owners/CEOs/Presidents or their direct reports, this program provides key executives with the essential tools, skills, and perspectives to maximize their leadership effectiveness during periods of great change and growth. Participants will be introduced to five management best practices as developed by the founder of the practice of management, Peter Drucker.  As a result, each will gain a deeper understanding of their unique role in shaping company direction, in improving business performance and developing overall general business acumen and leadership skills.

This offering is presented as five 1½ -2 hour sessions of film presentations and discussion of the five key practices of executive effectiveness outlined in Peter Drucker’s seminal book, The Effective Executive.  Using videos programs developed by Drucker himself to teach the principles, participants will engage in discussions on the principles and their application to your business today.  Participants will learn essential practices that can be applied immediately.  The discussions are supplemented by a course workbook for each film and related material from The Effective Executive in Action.

Contact Dick Wallace for more information at 615-567-8842.